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 Overview (SchoolExpress : School Management Software)

SchoolExpress is a Complete School Management Software which is user friendly, multi user and ultimate solution for Schools. This system is simple yet powerful platform that connects all the departments of an educational institution namely office administration, student billing, accounts, hostel, transport, examination, Staff Book and so on.


Student Information System

  • Student’s Records
  • Student’s  Log
  • Contact Detail
  • Parent’s Detail
  • Guardian Detail
  • Student’s Profile
  • Student’s Status (Continue & Discontinue)
  • Character Certificate

Student Account System

  • Individual Billing
  • Class wise Billing
  • Individual Transaction
  • Miscellaneous Entry
  • Class wise Fee Management
  • Personal Account Setup (individual discount, free ship, etc.)
  • Transportation / Hostel Fee Management
  • Fine/Rebate System
  • Govt. Tax Provision / Education Service Tax.

Student Result System

  • Customized Examination Setting (i.e. Exam Type, Class Subject, Mark Derivation etc.)
  • Class wise / Section wise Result
  • Admit Card (Class/Section)
  • Class wise and Section wise Mark Ledger
  • Attendance Entry
  • Remark’s Entry
  • Individual/Class wise Mark Sheet
  • Practical Subject& Optional Subject Mgmt.
  • Grading System
  • Many Academic Reports & Result Analysis (i.e. Top student list, Failure/ absent student list etc.)

General Accounting System

  • Journal/Receipt/Payment voucher
  • Multi Account Group / Ledger Head Setup
  • Other users requirement entry
  • Account Reports ::
  • (Balance Sheet, Profit and  Loss A/C, Trial Balance, Day Book, Ledger Sumery, Sub Ledger wise Report etc.


  • General Reports
  • Academic Reports & Result Analysis
  • Date Range Reports
  • Decision Making Report (Graphical View)
  • General Account Reports
  • Student Account Reports
  • Statically Reports
  • Individual Reports
  • Graphically Reports
  • Many Other Reports

Other Feature

  • System setup and configuration
  • Office Customization
  • Multi User with Different Access Level
  • Academic Calendar with Description
  • User wise Authority (Login) Control System
  • Staff Profile Management System
  • Transaction Log System
  • Complete accounting in Double Entry System.
  • Dual Date (Nepal and English) Support with Auto Convert.
  • All reports in Excel (Spread Sheet) Format.
  • User Friendly –
  • Report available T-Format and Tree Format.
  • Data Backup and Restore Utility
  • Auto Backup Option to the desired Path.
  • Data can be stored in External Device (e.g. : Pen Drive / External Hard Drive etc.)

Characteristics of good information system

  • Timely
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Appropriately detailed reports, with just “enough” information
  • Meet needs of various user categories
  • Secure
  • Good internal controls built in
  • Benefit of having information exceeds cost to produce

System Requirements


The software package runs on any Pentium computer. Branded server with 2GB RAM is preferred.


Any Pentium II or higher computer can be client for this system.


All the modules are designed to work in your Networking System. The networking Software can be Win7, Windows 2000 or Window NT.

Security We Are Managing

Users need to login with their username and password to use the system. Log file will keep the activities of the users. Different users will have different level of privileges. So the system will not let them to perform the tasks they are not allowed. Strict security system can be applied if required.

Auto Backup Option to the desired Path.(i.e. D:// or E://)

Data can be stored in External Device (e.g. : Pen Drive / External Hard Drive etc.)

Why SchoolExpress Comprises of?

There are number of reasons why you select SchoolPlus as your institution software.

  • Customization/Parameterization
  • User friendly GUI based
  • Multi user operation
  • Unlimited years of Nepali calendar support
  • Double Entry Book keeping system
  • Ultimate solution for financial transaction
  • Effective report generation
  • Special report generation for central office (bank)
  • System security as well as every event log
  • Strong backup and restore system
  • On-line support

Why SchoolExpress Is Perfect For Academic Institution?

  • It's Easy To Use
  • It's Powerful
  • It's Flexible
  • Efficient Administration
  • Cost Control
  • Financial Tracking
  • Planning Aid
  • Powerful Reports
  • Better service

Good Reason to SchoolExpress over Other Software

  • Perfect Students Information, Transaction & Reports.
  • Faculty - Class wise Information And Students Information are Fast And Fully Integrated
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Powerful Reporting Delivers The Exact Information You
  • Client / Server Architecture
  • Inbuilt data backup system
  • Support all types of discount, fine, etc.

Support and Training

  • Company will provide user manual.
  • Support will provided through on site visit, phone, email and online web.
  • We Provides necessary operational training to concerned staff members.


  • One year free of cost service for existing modules.
  • After an expiry of one-year free support, an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) has to be signed.

If you are Interested in this product, We could give a Live Demonstration of the system and provide you a free 30 days trial version. We can install the trial version in your computer at your request.

Please feel free to Contact us for more information.

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